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Boosting Your Business With Equipment Financing

Equipment leasing / financing is a worldwide industry and a smart decision for any business. Eighty percent of all businesses lease or finance some of their equipment. There are many different reasons why companies lease, but the bottom line is that equipment leasing often makes good business sense.

New City Commercial Capital can structure a lease or financing contract fitting your specific needs. We offer experience and expertise necessary to determine your best option. Whatever your company needs to grow can be financed at NewCity. Our various plans enable you to acquire, upgrade or replace equipment or vehicles easily and economically.

The equipment is up to you. Pick any vendor and we will arrange the financing you need. Large and small companies have turned to leasing/financing as a means of acquiring the tools necessary to succeed in today’s challenging marketplace. Many smaller or start-up companies lease for cash flow and financial reasons while larger companies may use leasing as a way to overcome capital budget restrictions. Leasing permits a close match of rental payments to the incremental revenue produced by the financed equipment.

While banks are an intergral part of a company's financing, leasing/financing companies often are more flexible, less demanding of information and are more customer service oriented.

Benefits of Leasing include:

  • Conserve working capital for alternative uses
  • Preserve bank lines of credit
  • May have lower monthly payments than other forms of financing
  • Often requires less stringent credit criteria
  • Allows purchasing decisions to be deferred by structuring the lease with options at the term-end

We provide equipment financing for:

  • Capital Markets
  • Construction
  • Diversified Industries
  • Franchise Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Homecare
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Specialty Markets

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